The ongoing debate about whether carrageenan is safe or not continues to happen. Despite the many scientific proofs and facts about the safety of the substance, many are still doubtful about its functionality and also safety. If you are one of them, you need to know that you don’t need to worry about a thing because there is a simple explanation about the whole thing.

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The Origin of Carrageenan

Carrageenan is produced and made from the red algae which are only native in some parts of the world. Carrageenan is basically the red algae’s extract that only needs to undergo a simple processing to achieve its desired result. The ancient Irish people have processed the red algae in a pretty simple and yet safe manner. They carrageenan is generally used as medicine or the natural food emulsifier.

Making the carrageenan is pretty easy. You can simply cook or boil the red algae with salt or milk. Add a little bit of alcohol, leave it be, and you can get the extract as the final outcome. The manufacturing process is pretty simple and harmless. But when you process the red algae through the acid bath and other chemical inclusion processes, the final outcome will be poligeenan – not the carrageenan. That’s why you should differentiate the carrageenan from poligeenan because they are completely different entities although they come from the same source.

The Problem

However, the damage has been done. Most people have thought about carrageenan and its potentially dangerous trait and they stop there – they don’t bother looking for more information and they don’t want to know the truth. For them, the carrageenan is just the same as the poligeenan. Period.

The problem only gets worse when there was a scientific study claiming that they had been testing carrageenan and the result was proven to be positive. However, it turned out later that the subject of the study was actually poligeenan – not the carrageenan.

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